CODECart Alliance S.R.L is a Romanian company located in Bucharest, launched in November 2008 by seven former engineers from NXP Semiconductors 

  • We are a stable and experienced team, working together for more than 15 years
  • We have expertise in video/audio coding standards and improvement algorithms
  • We have recognized skills in the DSP and embedded SW area
  • We offer innovative solutions and high-quality work at attractive costs
  • Experienced in interacting with other remote teams and following quality standards
Programmers working on computer program
Colleagues developing software together in office

The team was formed inside Compression Science Corporation in 2001, transferred to Philips Semiconductors in 2002, which eventually became NXP Semiconductors in 2006

In 2008, the changes inside NXP lead us into creating CODECart Alliance S.R.L. and continue to work, as sub-contractors, with both NXP and ST-Ericsson

People in a world connection technology meeting

From 2009 to present, we consolidated the business relations with our partners and successfully attracted more customers and projects.