Software Arhitecture Design

In the many years of working on the various topics we have learned the importance of a software architecture suited for the task at hand. For that we:

  • Analyze customer requirements
  • Understand the algorithm to be implemented
  • Evaluate the target platform
  • Map out the system or place of the component inside the system
  • Design the data flow and the control flow
  • Design the module structure and the interfaces




We offer:

  • Full analysis aimed at providing a software architecture suited for the algorithm and the chosen target platform, considering the optimizations required (memory, performance, scalability) and the module interaction.
  • API for all the modules involved as well as for the entire system
    Software architecture design document to be used during the development stages.

What we did:

  • The majority of projects and components we developed were based on self-designed software architectures and were integrated with minimal effort delivering the expected performance.
  • Imaging subsystem middleware